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Do you ever feel like you’re at the mercy of your feelings?

It happens to all of us... 

Your emotions play an integral role in your ability to manifest your ideal life, and they also have a massive impact on your physical well-being.

That’s why it’s such a game-changer to have the knowledge and tools to lift yourself out of chaotic emotions, and into a conscious state of calm and that's exactly what you'll receive in the 7 Day Vibe Up Challenge!

What is the VibeUp Challenge?  

The VibeUp Challenge is a 7-Day Emotional Transformation program. It’s a fun and practical way to use essential oils to target and shift your emotions into a higher state!

As a result of completing this Challenge, you’ll...

  • Gain a greater and more intuitive connection with your emotions.

  • Begin learning how to recognize the physical symptoms that various emotions can cultivate in your body—and how to use those feelings to recognize emotional patterns and understand yourself better.

  • Be able to glean the important information that your emotions provide to move forward, instead of getting stuck in unwanted thought-patterns, frustration, or negativity.

  • Most importantly, you’ll gain hands-on tools to shift your emotional state, and the awareness of how to be more kind and gentle with yourself.

Deeper emotional awareness is a gift that can be useful when you’re given tools to process and grow from your feelings, instead of getting bowled over by the intensity of them.

I want to personally invite you to experience the best essential oils on the planet—with the 7-Day VibeUp Challenge.

 Spend a week really feeling your emotions, and learn how to move consciously—from chaos to calm. 

OK. So how does the VibeUp Challenge work?

I’m so glad you asked!

1. The VibeUp Challenge is designed to be used with 7 specific essential oil blends created by a brand I love and trust, dōTERRA.

To participate in the challenge exactly as instructed, you'll need to purchase dōTERRA's Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit (approx. $133 USD retail or $100 USD wholesale).

BONUS: If you are NEW to dōTERRA, join the Transformational Essentials Team and purchase this Kit, I’ll gift you this program for FREE!

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Similarly, if you're on my immediate downline and add this kit to your LRP, you'll also receive this program for free.

***In both cases please email your ACCOUNT NUMBER to to confirm you've made a qualifying purchase and we'll send you a special registration code or refund your purchase.

2. Once you’ve received your kit, you’ll be ready to begin the Challenge!

3. Simply log in to your course console here on Thinkific to access a simple daily oil protocol that will support you in moving through specific emotions. 

You'll be guided on exactly where and how to apply the oils, and what results you can expect to feel and see each day.

They’ll end with a discussion prompt, called the Question of the Day. 

The Question of the Day is intended to be reflective, and you’re welcome to keep your answers private or you can join me in the Transformational Essentials Oil Tribe to connect and share with others.

What you’ll get when you enroll: 

  • The 7 Day Emotional Challenge Guide,
  • 7 Daily VibeUp Challenge Protocols and Prompts
  • And the best gift of all: Increased emotional balance, clarity, and calm!

Are you in?

Register below and don't forget... you can access this course FOR FREE if you are new to dōTERRA and purchase your course kit by following the instructions below.

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Course Modules

  • 1
    Get Ready To VibeUp
  • 2
    VibeUp Challenge Day 1
    • Day 1: Shame & Guilt: Who, Me?
    • VibeUp Day 1 Protocol
  • 3
    VibeUp Challenge Day 2
    • Day 2: Regret: “If only I’d have…”
    • VibeUp Day 2 Protocol
  • 4
    VibeUp Challenge Day 3
    • Day 3: Fear: The only thing to fear is fear itself
    • VibeUp Day 3 Protocol
  • 5
    VibeUp Challenge Day 4
    • Day 4: Anger: Impassioned action
    • VibeUp Day 4 Protocol
  • 6
    VibeUp Challenge Day 5
    • Day 5: Trust: Opening your heart to others
    • VibeUp Day 5 Protocol
  • 7
    VibeUp Challenge Day 6
    • Day 6: Forgiveness: Is freedom selfish?
    • VibeUp Day 6 Protocol
  • 8
    VibeUp Challenge Day 7
    • Day 7: Peace: A higher state of being
    • VibeUp Day 7 Protocol
  • 9
    Challenge Completion & Next Steps
    • End Of Challenge & Next Steps

About The Instructor

  • Dr. Marissa Heisel

    Dr. Marissa Heisel

    Hi! I'm Marissa—a mum with a blended family, a partner to a truly good man, a business owner and mentor, and a holistic doctor—with a major passion for helping women to stretch and grow into their greatest possible selves! I’m a big fan of herbal tea, Pilates, and exploring the gorgeous Canadian countryside with my family. My home is full of animals and children, and I love dance as a way to connect with the sacred feminine. I’ve traveled to some far-flung places in the world with my kids, and I believe that adventure and experience are two of our greatest teachers. Transformation abounds… I’m fascinated with those places where science, intuition, and personal growth bump into each other—because that’s where dynamic change can happen! My Capricorn heart’s dearest ambition is to help women to heal each other and the planet—both personally and financially! To that end, I am honoured to be one of the Canadian Founders with dōTERRA.